Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Apple Sundae Table! Revisit

Hi everyone!

I thought since it is apple season, I would repost this. Change up how you present dessert for your family and have an Apple Sundae night!


I love this time of the year! And one of the best parts of early Autumn is it is Apple Season!


Michigan is a huge apple producing state. So, we have a ton of Apple orchards around. Fresh apple cider, hot fresh donuts, hay rides and corn mazes are a big thing around here.


So, why not have an Apple Sundae bar ?




Set your table with some fun apple accessories.




Gather some yummy treats to go with your apples.



Make a sundae using apples instead of ice cream. Not that some yummy vanilla ice cream wouldn’t go wonderfully with this dish!






Now go out and get some apples and enjoy the bountiful season with your family!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday at the Table~After Supper

Hi everyone!

We are now into our 5th generation of family that enjoys the cabin as often as possible. And although the world has changed dramatically over the years, some things stay the same…..

Once “supper” (we have a tendency to have late meals at the cabin) is over, the table is cleared and the kitchen is cleaned. A pot of coffee is put on and dessert is brought out.


I’m not sure the cabin has ever seen a store bought cake…ever! Baking and cooking from scratch are a huge part of the cabin. My Grandma would be yelling down from Heaven at my mom if she even thought of buying a pre-made cake to have at the cabin!

Everything slows down there. There are no conveniences available in the middle of the woods.


Coffee and dessert is served and generally a card game is being anticipated. We have always played card or dice games at night while at the cabin. It’s a nightly tradition. At this point we have all changed into flannel pants and shirts. Getting cozy and comfortable.


Partners are picked and cards are dealt. The game begins. For those of you not from this area, the card game of choice is always Euchre. We learn to play Euchre from the time we are able to recognize what each card is.


I often wonder what the other people around the table spiked their coffee with! Because generally the “Tall Tales” of the day also begin.

At the start of the game, someone caught a nice 12” Walleye earlier in the day. By the time the card game has heated up, that same Walleye has turned into a 3 man operation to just pull it into the boat!


A lot of “Remember when…..?” conversation starts about midway through the game. Lots of fond memories are brought back. And a lot of laughing continues late into the night.

Everyone is happy and relaxed. The games quickly turns from “Best 2 out of 3” to “Best 3 out of 5”.

Some of our favorite memories come from nights at the kitchen table surrounded with family and sharing stories and laughter..

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Taking in Nature

Hi everyone!

The first day we were at the cabin, my nephew asked if I would like to go for a ride in the “June Bug”. I said sure. I love to spend time with my nephews. Zack is 22 and a really good “kid”.


So, we set out on a little site seeing adventure. He took me first to the deer blind they have been working on. You might remember that I decided to add my own touches to this “He Man” blind with a girly tea. You can see that post here.


Everything is made from salvaged materials. And my mom likes to leave her mark on all new built things around the cabin. And everyone knows you just need to let her have at it.


A view from the tree blind and Zack..


He took me on some back trails and showed me where him and his buddies all camped a few weeks ago and did rafting and fishing.


It started to rain lightly which just added another element of beauty in my opinion.


The water level was pretty high in the river. It had down-poured the day before.


So pretty and serene.


We then just went on an adventure.



It started raining a bit harder but, we still went on.




The canopy of the trees kept most of the rain under control.


We stopped at a little hill and clearing. The man who originally owned part of this land died years ago and his family placed a memorial stone right here overlooking his land. It is very touching.


We slowly worked our way back toward the cabin. Even though the following pictures don’t look too steep, this is the power line and it is a pretty good incline! I think Zack thought he might scare Aunt Diann by taking this way back down the hill. Instead, I thought it was fun!


By the time we got back to the cabin it was pouring down!


With a cup of hot coffee and wrapped in a flannel shirt, I just enjoyed the rain from the comfort of the huge screened porch.


I could hear and enjoy the smells coming from the kitchen where my mom was cooking up my favorite dinner…a big roast beef with real mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. Savoring the warm oven smells of this comfort food, the sounds of my mom puttering around in the kitchen and getting Troy to help her get the bowls off the top shelf of the cabinet,  listening to my dad and nephew quibbling over the baseball game, the rain coming down and hearing it hit the old tin roof on the shed was without a doubt, the very best birthday to me!

Today, life is good!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Easing into Autumn Decor

Hi everyone!

I have discovered an unusual side effect from being a  farmer this year. My whole perspective regarding things as simple as my home décor has changed. The months and seasons are more accurately reflected in my home according to what is going on at the farm at the moment.

Harest @TTG

While so many are filling their homes with beautiful autumn leaves and other pretties, I am focusing on what is being harvested at the moment. Weird huh? LOL

As far as September is concerned, we are still harvesting tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplants etc. Also, this is the time of the year that all the tree fruit is really producing their bounty!

Harvest @TTG

Although we don’t have any fruit trees on our farm (would love to get some in the future!) we have many local farmer friends that are loaded with them right now! And one of the amazing benefits of knowing so many local farmers is that we all like to help each other out when one has a huge bounty of something that we don’t have.

harvest shelf @ TTG

So, instead of jumping right into full blown autumn décor I am letting nature guide the way.

harvest shelf @TTG

Some faux apples and pears are just the right touch at this moment.

Harvest shelf @TTG

An old dresser drawer picked up at a flea market this past summer holds things nicely on the shelf.

Harvest shelf @TTG

Add the woven texture of the vases. A couple of interesting candle sticks.

Harvest shelf @TTG

A simple harvest shelf. Slowly adding the rich tones of Autumn.

sept. harvest shelf @ TTG

Since it is officially Autumn now, I will slowly be incorporating some more Fall details. I am having fun doing some add ons here and there. Taking my time and enjoying decorating. I guess the fact that I haven’t really done any home decorating in months make me appreciate doing it now.

And since this week we will be adding pumpkins, mums and corn stalks to our markets it makes me want to add those to our home as well.

Thank you for stopping bye and have a wonderful day!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday at the Table~Adding Beauty

Hi everyone!

When Troy and I drove up to the cabin, we took our time and stopped here and there along the way,


Our first stop on our trip was Spicer Orchards. I have to say, it really feels like you are kicking off a Fall season when you stop at an apple orchard!


We walked around and enjoyed all the wonderful crisps scents of apples, peaches, berries and of course fresh donuts being made.

cheese house1

Next stop was the Cheese House. This is as bad as walking into a fudge store for me. I think my favorite food is cheese. And I love all kinds

We tasted several different flavors of aged cheese and then of course bought a few things to nibble on while driving. Let’s just say fresh cheese curds make me smile!

flea market 1

The next stop before heading back into the cabin was a old flea market. I remember when this place was a drive in theater. We hit the market just as they were closing. An adventure trip is never really successful unless I get to do a little thrifting!


I saw this old pitcher. Oh, she had seen better days but, I couldn’t let her just sit on the counter and nobody buying her because she was chipped and discolored. For $1.00 she came to the cabin with me.


I gathered up some wildflowers, pine branches and some ferns and gave her a home on the farm table in the kitchen.


As I walked around the cabin gathering pretty wildflowers I was completely flooded with memories og doing the same thing when I was a little girl.


I can hear my Grandpa calling out to me, “What are ya doing pretty girl?”

“I’m picking flowers for Grandma so she can put them on the table.”

He would help me find flowers around the yard. And I would be so excited to bring this big bundle of all the pretty treasures I found to my Grandma.


She would always find some old chipped glass or container of some kind and fill it with water and put my flowers in it.


Perhaps not the prettiest or most perfect flowers but, they made me happy and they made my grandparents smile.


Thank you for stopping bye and I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!