Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday at the Table~Wild Apple Pie Recipe

Hi everyone!

I am writing this while up at our cabin in Northern Michigan.

If you are a Pinterest user I am sure you have seen lots of DIY posts about making your own farm table. Not only are farm tables beautiful, they conjure up images of days gone by. They instantly feel like family and give the illusion of slower times.

The reality is, it wasn’t a slower time, it was hard working from sun up to sun down and beyond time.

Sunday At The Table~Wild Apple Pie Recipe@The Thrifty Groove

Those old farm tables were being used to get bread and biscuits made and baking before the sun came up so food would be ready to eat and taken out to the fields with the workers. The old farm table then turned into a place for mending clothing, canning up the harvest, cleaning up and bandaging a cut, homework was done at the old farm table. And late nights of trying to see how you can pay the bills and make ends meet were worried over at the old farm table.

Sunday at the Table ~ Wild Apple Pie Recipe @ The Thrifty Groove

Most important the old farm table was the heart of the home. Where families ate and talked about their days. Where happy news was shared or sad news was given. It represents family.

A time when computers, cable, cell phones, tv’s , microwaves, fast food, disposable products and instant everything were just some crazy fantasies seen at a Saturday matinee movie.

Wild Apple Pie Recipe @ The Thrifty Groove

The old farm table is a reminder of a simpler time and things we gave up for progress.

The old farm table at the cabin which was originally my grandparents kitchen table, is still the gathering place for us. Dinners are served at the table.

While we were at the cabin, we stopped and picked some wild Michigan apples.There are apple trees just loaded down all over the place in Northern Michigan.

Now these aren't your sweet apples! These apples are tart, tangy and very juicy. My dad made a pie with them.

Wild Apple Pie Recipe @ The Thrifty Groove

Dads Wild Apple Pie

Use your favorite pie crust recipe or a 2 pre-made pie crusts

This was made in a large glass pie dish

350 degrees for 40-45 minute's (ovens and time vary)

5 cups chopped and peeled wild apples

1 cup of brown sugar

1/2 cup of white sugar

4 Tablespoons flour

2 teaspoons of cinnamon’

1/4 teaspoon salt

Mix all the above ingredients together and the pour into pie crust. Top with 2 Tablespoons chopped butter.Add top crust and cut a couple of vent holes and sprinkle with additional white sugar. Bake for 40-45.


Wild apple pie recipe @ TTG

I will be joining a couple of parties this week:

"Your gonna love it Tuesday!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

All Work and No Play…

….Makes for a dull cabin stay!

Hi everyone!

Things always need to be done or fixed around a cabin or even at our trailer. We hadn’t been at our trailer or at the cabin since last Thanksgiving. So, every year you wonder what will need to be fixed or dealt with this year.

And sure enough, when we hooked up the water, the bathroom floor flooded. Troy discovered a valve broke during the freezing months to our toilet in the trailer. After a couple of days just trying to figure out what the problem was, Troy took the toilet apart and got the valve out and saw the crack.

He and I took a drive into the nearest town that had a RV sales and repair shop. Of course, you can’t just buy the small valve. You have to buy the entire kit. Fine, whatever, let’s just get it fixed.

And he did. Woohoo!

My dad and nephew Zack had spent that day plowing up an open field to be planted with rye. Once the tilling had been done and the toilet had been fixed it was time to play…er….I mean work!

Off to sow the rye went Troy and Zack.


Troy driving the Ranger aka June Bug and Zack in the back tossing seed.


Hard work!


Hard work indeed!


Let’s see….Troy getting to do donuts in a 4x4 ATV and Zack just being goofy sitting in the back…..yup, working hard! But someone has to do it!


After all that hard work they had to go down this secret path.


That would be Zack all exhausted from throwing all the rye seed around!


The river is calling his name…..Zack! Come on in! The water is so nice! (yes, that was my river voice)


Tip toeing ever so carefully into the river.


Come on Zack! Ya gotta bite the bullet and just plunge into the river!


Whoa! That river is freezing!


“Who me? Oh no no no…I am just going to stand on the bank and take pretty pictures Zack”. Just look at the lovely logs in the river…


And look over here, what a pretty tree! No Zack! Oh No you don’t!


Yup, he came up very close to where I was standing, minding my own business taking lovely nature photos and did a big honkin belly flop! Shoes, socks and shorts are now soaked thank you very much!


Apparently the only way to dry out is get back into the June Bug and fly up this hill just to fly down the other side which is much steeper and nothing but big rocks and sand!


Strap in! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!


Oh boy, here we go!


See the little ledge right here at the bottom of the left side? Over that ledge is a straight drop down and we don’t stop until way past this picture frame!

Apparently it is all about playing hard after working hard!

Okay, I’ll meet all of you at the bottom in one piece….I hope!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I’m on Vacation!

Hi everyone!

Troy and I took a week off to head to our family cabin. A getaway from the “real” world for a little while.


And it really does feel like we are far removed from the everyday world. Which to me, is the perfect vacation!


My parents are up here as well as my oldest nephew. Spending time with them away from the worries of home is just priceless to me.


My nephew asked if I would stay another week. He knew Uncle Troy had to get back for farmer’s markets. I told him I have a few commitments as well. My parents said it would be no problem for them if I decided to stay another week and come home with them.


Troy agreed with them and he said he could take care of the couple of things that I had on my plate that were time sensitive.


But, I felt bad because Troy had to go back home by himself. We haven’t been apart more than two days in over 10 years! It just felt wrong.


But, Troy and I talked and he convinced me I should stay. He knows that when I get back I have a lot of things I need to tackle. A few new ventures I am delving into. IMG_8901

So, I am taking another week and just relaxing. no commitments, no deadlines and no worries. Okay, knowing me I will worry about Troy but, I will try to keep it to a minimum.

I hope you all are doing well and having a great day! Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ideas for Fall from Big Lots

Hi everyone!

The other day Troy and I stopped at Big Lots to get some garden twine. While there I decided to check out what they had new for Fall. And of course, I had to take pictures so I could share with you!

So, let’s shop and get some ideas from Big Lots. Oh, and by the way, Big Lots does not have a clue who I am or that I am writing about them. LOL

Fall at Big Lots

What caught my eye first was the black and white pumpkins. I LOVE that they are glossy! I got real tired of the matte black décor items that were trending awhile back. I also love the pieced pumpkins and the white gourds on the bottom shelf.

Fall at Big Lots

And we all know that I love me some sparkle!

Fall at Big Lots

These little white accessories have a battery tealight in them (switch on the bottom).

Fall at Big Lots

I also really like the large acorns on the top shelf. And owls are showing up everywhere!

Fall at Big Lots

I think these big oversized wine glasses are a fun item. I could see having a candle lit in them or filling them with candy.Fall at Big Lots

Cute hanging door signs.

Fall at Big Lots

I really loved these hanging sparkly glass acorns.

Fall at Big Lots

Glittery placemats.

FAll at Big Lots

Cute yard signs and more door signs. And look, the pallet up-cycling has made it to Big Lots seasonal décor. LOL

Well, that was a few of the things I saw. Count on me sharing stores like Big Lots instead of Crate & Barrel! LOL I figure someone has to share the less expensive retail options out there!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Taco Casserole Recipe ~ Easy and Thrifty!

Hi everyone!

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you already know that I  post “What’s for dinner” each night at 4:30 (EST) and ask everyone else what they are having. I love to hear what other people have on the menu for that night because it gives me ideas. After awhile, don’t we all get stumped on what to fix for dinner?

With all the fresh veggies coming in, I thought I would share a pretty quick and yummy dish, Taco Casserole.

taco casserole recipe @ TTG

To make this I just fry ground burger, add taco seasonings and taco sauce and some red beans. Super easy! This is one of those things that I try to make a double batch of so I can freeze some for a quick dinner at a later date.

In a baking dish, I make up a quick biscuit dough. I use Bisquik of some similar product. Stretch out the dough to cover the bottom of the dish.

Then I added on top of the dough:

  • The beans, burger, seasoning mix. Spread evenly
  • spread a mixture of sour cream & mayo over that (I generally do 1/2 cup of each for a 9 x 13 dish)
  • Spread a can of refried beans
  • coat the above layer with taco sauce (you could use salsa if you want)
  • Cover with shredded cheese

Bake in a 375 oven for about 17-20 minutes.

Taco CasseroleRecipe @ TTG

Let cool for about 10 minutes and then top with:

  • Chopped onions
  • chopped bell peppers
  • chopped tomatoes
  • and shredded lettuce

If I have black olives, jalapenos, and even some fresh corn I will add them as well to the top.

Then serve!

This is a huge favorite of ours. And it even heats up nicely the next day for lunch. And you can use up leftover meats in this casserole. I have used leftover chicken and just shredded it up. And even leftover pork. And this dish could easily be made up without any meat. Lots of beans would be fine.

This is also great to use up that last half of a green pepper or the small amount of lettuce you have that isn’t enough for a salad.

A yummy and thrifty dinner!

Taco Casserole Recipe @ TTG

Monday, August 18, 2014

Making Seasonal Wreaths the Thrifty Way!

Hi everyone!

I want to work on getting a new wreath made for our front door. I like to change it out once September hits.

September to me means harvest time for many fruits and veggies. Of course apples come to mind first. However, as a farmer in Michigan, I can tell you a lot of us will be harvesting our veggies that normally would have been ready to pick last month or earlier this month. It has been a weird year for farming. We had snow in May and have had a mild summer. The nights have been much cooler than normal so the vegetables have not ripen as quickly.

September also means back to school. It really doesn’t matter if you have a child returning to school, it’s just ingrained in our minds since we were children that it is time to go back to school. Don’t you still feel that way? I do!.

Although I might be thinking in terms of Fall and Halloween as far as crafting and decorating, I have no desire to rush any of my days away. Each month should be enjoyed and savored. Time goes by way too fast anyway!

Make Seasonal Wreaths at TTG

As a thrifter, my brain is always thinking heading. I am always on the look out for great prices on “not in season” items. I don’t want to spend full retail price at a craft store to make a seasonal wreath. For the price of just buying the wreath base I can thrift ahead of time and make several complete wreaths!


One very important thing to do when thrifting is to think beyond what you see! Look at an item and see it’s future potential not what it looks like at this moment.


Look past the flaws, and think of how pretty it will be.

I found three sad looking grapevine wreaths recently at a thrift store. I didn’t see anything but a great price on grapevine wreaths for upcoming makeovers. And at two large wreaths for .80 cents each and a smaller one one for .60 cents, they were perfect!


I rarely pass up mystery bags of florals and greenery! This bag was .90 cents. No idea what it really contained except for an idea of a lot of greenery.





Besides misc, flowers and a few small vines, the bag included 3 full vine garlands and a leaf bush. Not a bad haul for 90 cents!

Make Seasonal Wreaths at TTG

So, check out the thrift stores for wreath making supplies and know that you can strip them to the bare bones and remake them into something beautiful for very little money.

To get some wreath making inspiration, check out my wreath board on Pinterest!

Wreaths/door hangings

I am going to go and play and create a new wreath for September using my new treasures!  I will be back to share it with you all!

Oh, and as a side note regarding wreath making, you may want to head to your local dollar store to snatch up a couple of pool noodles while they still have them. They make wonderful wreath bases!

(picture with the red pool noodle is from

unnamed (14)-vert

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are having a wonderful day!